10 Oddly Magical Unicorn Items - Majestic Gifts For Unicorn Lovers

June 28, 2018

Is there anything more magical than a unicorn? The answer, to me, is no. Unicorns are pure and beautiful, too pure for this world, really (literally), and they deserve all of the love. And if you want to be a free-spirited unicorn leaving trails of fairy dust wherever you go.

Then these ten top-notch interpretations will inspire you to break out the cotton candy wig and pile on the shimmery shadow.

1. Unicorn Pandora Charm

Begin your enchanted tale today by adding our trending unicorn charm to your unicorn collection!

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2. Unicorn Side Pocket Leggings

Make a statement in a pair of unicorn leggings that pack a punch!

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3. Unicorn Eyelashes™ Sequins Backpack

Unicorn and sequins are completely magical, and you are too!

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4. Fat Unicorn Pillow With Blanket Inside

Snuggle up all night long with this magical Pillow (or Blanket). Well..It can do both

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5. Pink Unicorn Eyelashes Liquid Samsung iPhone Case

A pretty phone case topped with star sprinkles and glitter. Your phone easily nestles into this 3D silicone phone case.

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6. Unicorn Tissue Box

This Unicorn Tissue Box is a must-item for every unicorn collection or stuffy collector!

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7. Unicorn Eyelashes™ Floral Bedding Set

Let's cuddle and snuggle all night with super soft fabric and an ultra bedding set! 

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8. Rainbow Unicorn Sequins Notebook

Spice up your school supplies with this unicorn reversible sequin notebook!

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9. Super Cute Unicorn Costume Hat

Being a human is too complicated, time to be a Unicorn!

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10. Unicorn Angel™ Onesie

This onesie is so magically comfortable, we’re sure you'll be wearing this onesie all year long.

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