Unicorn Christmas Gift Ideas - Unicorn Lover

December 06, 2018

Unicorn believers, rejoice. The mythical creature trend is here to stay for the Christmas season.

With 2018 dubbed as ‘the year of the unicorn’ by Argos, you can expect magical horned horses to be on the Christmas lists of many people. Enhance your life by tapping into the mystical energies of Unicorn.

We rounded up a great list of some awesome unicorn items for the unicorn lover in your life.  

1. 1.65M Unicorn LED String Fairy Light

Bring some magical to upcoming Christmas!

2. 30cm/40cm LED Luminous Plush Unicorn Toy

Plushy, plushies! Unicorn!

3. Christmas Mermaid Blanket

Well..just in case, sometimes you want to be a mermaid!

4. Antique Unicorn Christmas Bracelet

Christmas is here, and this is perfect addition for Unicorn Lover!

5. DIY Unicorn Christmas Ball

DIY Unicorn Christmas Ball is the best idea ever!

6. Handmade Santa Unicorn Christmas Party Hat

Be a unicorn even on Christmas Day!

7. 10 LEDs Unicorn Magic String Lights

Get your mood up in this upcoming Christmas!

8. Lovely Mr & Mrs Santa Claus Chair Cover

Enjoy your meals with Mr & Mrs Santa Claus!

9. LED Unicorn Faux Fur Hat Scarf

Be a unicorn on Christmas day!

10. Christmas Unicorn Leggings

Perfect addition for this upcoming Christmas!

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