Unicorn Gift Ideas - Rainbow Magic Items For Unicorn Lovers

June 19, 2018

Unicorn-lovers rejoice! Unicorns are all the rage these days. They're unique, magical, and so fun. If you're a fan of everyone's favourite fantasy creature, we've got plenty of cool gadgets, bedding set and toys perfect for those looking for a bit of rainbow magic that only a unicorn can bring.

Love all things unicorn? Well then you're in the right place!

1.Unicorn Reversible Sequin Cushion Cover

Unicorn is magical, so does this cushion cover!

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2. Majestic Unicorn Rainbow Bedding Set

Let's unicorn embrace you every night!

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3. Modern Unicorn Decor Wall Clock

Display your affection towards this majestic creature with this wall clock!

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4. Unicorn Glitter Stars Liquid Phone Case

Keep your phone with this mythical creature!

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5. Unicorn Liquid Quicksand Phone Case

These awesome unicorns will protect your phone!

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6. Unicorn Lady Leather Clutch

Unicorn clutch is a must-item for Unicorn ladies!

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7. Big Unicorn Rug Carpet

Add a touch of magic to any room with this Magical Unicorn Rug!

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8. Cute Unicorn Plush Toy

Question: Well...Who doesn't want to cuddle up with them?

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9. Unicorn Leather Stainless Steel Bracelet

Be pretty and awesomely cute like a real unicorn! 

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10. Unicorn Large Round Beach Towel

Be unicorn in this summer with this beach towel!

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11. Pink Unicorn Notebook & Pen Set

Only one word: obsessed!

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12. Unicorn Plush Pillow Cushion

Happiness - when you surround yourself with magical unicorn!

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13. Unicorn Night Light Photo Frame

Your photos will shine bright like Unicorn!

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14. Blue Unicorn Fitness Leggings

The popular leggings for unicorn ladies!

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