Roundup Of Mythical Unicorn Items | Unicorn Gifts

September 02, 2019

Slowly but surely, unicorn-themed items have jumped out of party supply stores into our everyday lives with a splash of rainbow glitter.

To help feed your own compulsion or just give you some great gift ideas for your unicorn-loving kid, we’ve taken the liberty of rounding up some of the best unicorn products out there for the whole fam.

Enjoy a jackpot of unusually awesome unicorns + rainbows themed gifts shimmering with magical goodness!

1. Silver Unicorn Baby Shoes

Perfect addition for a little unicorn!

2. Colorful Unicorn Fur Bag

Carry this magical bag now, unicorn!

3. Unicorn Dinosaur iPhone Case

Your iPhone needs style, too!

4. Unicorn Gray T-shirt

Perfect for daily wear!

5. Purple Unicorn Bead Bracelet

Add a touch of the unicorn to your style!

6. Unicorn Digital Alarm Clock

Decor your personal space with this mythical alarm clock!

7. Rainbow and Cloud Stud Earrings

Complete your magical looks with these stunning earrings

8. Unicorn & Unicorn Cat Kids Backpack

Be the coolest Unicorn at school!

9. Sweet Unicorn Night Light

Light up your mood with this magical night light!

10. Stunning Unicorns Beads Bracelet

Add a touch of the magical to your style!

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