Prismatic Unicorn Items - Unicorn Lover Gifts

December 11, 2018

There is nothing more majestic, magical and wonderful than Unicorn in this world! Like it or not, the unicorn craze is officially upon us, and no one is safe. We love unicorns, well, we love them so much that we have them in our life! From unicorn inspired pillow cover to iridescent cup, they’re definitely having a moment – and we all know someone who is obsessed with Unicorn. So we've rounded up the most prismatic gifts in varying degrees of "magical."

1. Smiling Unicorn Golden Horn Mug

Start your morning with magical~


2. Unicorn Silver Bead Charm

Reveal your true identity, Unicorn!

3. White Unicorn Nordic Wall Clock

Bring some magical to your personal space

4. Blue Unicorn Home Slippers

Unicorn will keep you warm~

5. Luxury Rainbow Faux Fur Coat

Spice up your fashion style with this coat now!!

6. Soft Velvet Unicorn Hoodie

Perfect addition to your magical collection~~

7. Majestic Silver Unicorn Ring

Magical addition to complete your outfit!

8. Opal Unicorn Head Ring

Best gift for your loved one*

9. Unicorn Golden Horn Slippers

We know you want these, Unicorn~

10. Unicorn Big Eyes Sequin Pillow Cover

Style your room up with these sparkling pillow covers!

11. Unicorn Rose Vignette Galaxy Bedding Set

Add your passion to your room!

12. Unicorn Party Light Headband

Express your love forward unicorn with this headband.

13. Unicorn Decor Wall Clock

Brighten up your personal space with this wall clock!

14. Newborn Baby Unicorn Clothing Set

Your little unicorn would love to wear this


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